Choosing A Great Pet Store

Choosing A Great Pet Store

2 Ways to Get More Information About How to Care for Reptiles

If you are going to buy any kind of reptile, you want to make sure that you know what you are doing first. Reptiles can be very persnickety when it comes to their care because they have some really specific needs. There are a variety of types of reptiles out there, and while some of the care skills will carry over from one kind of reptile to another, there are things

Is CBD Right for Your Pet?

CBD products, which are derived from the marijuana plant, may be able to assist your pet in feeling more comfortable and less anxious. When you get pet supplements that are containing hemp or CBD oil, know that what you are not getting are supplements that are psychoactive or that have mood-altering THC in them. Hemp products are derived from the same plant but are di

Why Your Dog Should Be In A Carrier During Car Travel

When you need to take your dog somewhere, such as to the vet or the dog park, how do you secure them in the vehicle? Many people just leave their dogs loose with no means of security. While this is definitely the easiest route and many dogs will sit quietly on the seat throughout the ride, you really should not be leaving your dog loose in the car. Putting him or her

4 Ways To Keep Your Dog From Getting Lost

Your dog is a beloved member of your family, and you want to do your best to take care of them. Losing a dog can be an owner's worst nightmare. Here are four tips that will help you keep your dog from getting lost: 1. Watch out for open doors. Dogs are very curious animals. An interesting sound or scent might tempt them to run through an open door. When you answer the

Five Tips To Reduce Cat Box Odors

Is your kitty's litter box a stinky problem that seems to have no solution? If so, you do have options to control and possibly even eliminate the smell. The following are a few strategies you can implement to make your home a more pleasant place to live. 1. Have enough boxes A major issue that leads to odors is too many cats using too few boxes. This can also lead to