Choosing A Great Pet Store

Ditch The Nylon: Buy Your Dog A Padded Leather Collar Today

If you got a new dog during the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent quarantine, you may be in the market for high-quality dog accessories. One that you should really consider purchasing is a padded leather collar. There are many reasons why this high-quality product is worth buying, some of which are as follows.

A Classy Look

Leather collars make dogs look sophisticated and classy, whereas nylon collars make them look like an afterthought. Any store in your area may sell nylon collars. However, there may only be a few individuals or companies who can sell you a nice padded leather collar. These collars can really set your dog out from the pack, showing other owners that you cherish your dog enough to give them the best care you can provide. 


Some of the big differences between standard leather collars and a high-quality padded leather collar are the materials and techniques used to put them together. If you hire someone who does not know what they are doing, or simply purchase a chain or standard dog collar, it may come cheaply put together. As a result, this greatly increases the chances that it will fall apart shortly. Instead of buying a simple collar or one from a generic store, you may want to go to a company that will give you a high-quality product. 


While some pet stores may sell leather collars, some of them may be extremely thin and can be actually quite uncomfortable for your dog. Over time, faux leather collars can become dry, brittle, and may even crack or break. Padded leather collars are usually made with soft sheepskin that will keep your dog feeling comfortable and protected. A higher quality of leather will also likely keep your collar looking good and feeling strong for many years to come. Depending on where you purchase it, you may also be able to get a warranty to ensure it's endurance. 

No matter what age your pooch is, you should get them a padded leather collar. They will look classy, feel comfortable, and you can rest assured that their collar is not going to break or fall off. This assurance can leave you feeling confident that should they run off, they will always have a way to return home to you with their tags safely in place.  Find a vendor or a company that provides padded leather collars for more information.