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Does Your Dog Have Tear Stains? What You Can Do

Does your dog have tear stains on their eyes or around their nose and mouth? These tear stains are small stains caused by certain molecules and other compounds in your pet's saliva and tears. In some breeds, it shows up in yucky fur discolorations.

You can wipe away the tear stains your dog produces as they occur, using a clean rag to remove spots before they more notably stain the fur. However, you can also help prevent dog tear stains by doing a few other things. Speak to your pet store vendor about other solutions to your dog's tear stain issues. If the tear stains are getting worse or the brownish tear stains are appearing to be more pink- or red-tinged in appearance, call your veterinarian to make sure your dog does not have an infection in their mouth or eyes.

1. Get your dog special dog treats

Since many dogs experience canine tear stain issues, it's easy to find some solutions to your dog's maladies at your local pet store. Among them are dog stain remover chews, which are special chewy treats your dog can consume to make their tears less cloudy and disruptive to your dog's fur. You give these treats to your dog as a supplemental chew. Follow the guidelines for giving your dog these treats and consult with a veterinarian if their dog tear stains do not improve after some time.

2. Track your dog's condition

If you continue to add the dog tear stain remover chews to your canine's normal diet and you are washing their face and paws on the regular, then you should start to see a noticeable improvement in your dog's condition. However, some breeds are more likely to produce excess tears due to their face shape or if they have hair near their eyes. Certain conditions like eye infections or glaucoma can also cause your dog to produce more tears than normal, which in turn leads to more staining.

Once you begin giving your canine their dog tear stain remover chews, track their progress. Over time, you should see the produced tears to be less concentrated and therefore less likely to leave behind stains. Continue normal hygiene for your dog even as you give them their dog stain tear remover chews, and continue to remove hair from around their eyes and nose to help them stay clean and healthy on their own. With diligence and continued use of the supplement, you may see your dog's condition continue to improve.