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3 Locations Ideal For Cushioned Pet Mats

Providing your pet some comfort goes a long way in allowing the animal to relax or when suffering from physical ailments. One way to provide an animal comfort without letting them all over the furniture is through the use of medium flat cushioned mats for pets.

The cushioned mats are versatile in the way they provide comfort and can be used in multiple locations. Use this location guide to learn where to use the mats and why purchasing multiple mats will help provide your pet with comfortable areas to rest and lie down.

1. Crates

If your pet is crate-trained, then you want to provide a comfortable space. The metal bottom of a crate can be cold and uncomfortable, especially in seasons like fall and winter. When paired with a blanket, a flat cushioned mat provides a warm spot to snuggle up and sleep through the night.

A medium-sized cushion will fit into most crates, but you should check the measurements of both the crate and the mat to ensure it fits properly. For larger crates, you may purchase two medium-sized cushioned mats and place them side by side to cover the whole floor of the crate.

2. Cars

Provide comfort and protect your vehicle with the use of medium size flat cushioned mats inside your car. If a dog rides in the backseat, then you can place the mat down to provide a comfortable space for the animal to lie down and rest. If you went for a walk, then the dirty paws of a dog will go on the mat instead of the car seat.

The mat also prevents scratches or rips from sharp claws. If you have a hatchback or SUV, then you can line the back area of the vehicle with multiple mats to provide pets with more room to roam and relax while you drive.

3. Outdoor Patio Areas

Enjoying the outdoors with your pet is ideal, but the heat and cold can create uncomfortable conditions for animals. Add a cushioned mat to an outdoor patio area so the animal's paws are not sensitive to hot cement or wood areas. You can provide shade directly over the mat and leave bowls of food and water right next to the mat for easy access.

If you have a swimming pool, you can place a mat near the swimming area so the animal can rest while you swim and enjoy the water.

When a pet knows the comforts of the mat, they will return to the same mat material and design no matter where you place the product.