Choosing A Great Pet Store


4 Horse Supplements For Breeders

In order to breed horses, you have to love your work. Horse breeding can be a difficult task. You must look after the health of your breeding stock and care for pregnant mares as they gestate. A healthy diet is especially important for breeding horses. Luckily, equine supplements can give horses the vitamins and minerals they need to achieve optimal health. Here are f

Why Your Dog Shouldn't Sleep in Your Bed

When you buy a dog, you may feel tempted to have it sleep in your bed. This can especially be true if you enjoy cuddling with the animal or if it acts anxious when it's on its own. While many people sleep with their dogs, a better idea is to shop for a dog bed that will suit your dog's size, and then train your dog to sleep in that bed at night.

Ditch The Nylon: Buy Your Dog A Padded Leather Collar Today

If you got a new dog during the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent quarantine, you may be in the market for high-quality dog accessories. One that you should really consider purchasing is a padded leather collar. There are many reasons why this high-quality product is worth buying, some of which are as follows. A Classy Look Leather collars make dogs look sophisticated

Does Your Dog Have Tear Stains? What You Can Do

Does your dog have tear stains on their eyes or around their nose and mouth? These tear stains are small stains caused by certain molecules and other compounds in your pet's saliva and tears. In some breeds, it shows up in yucky fur discolorations. You can wipe away the tear stains your dog produces as they occur, using a clean rag to remove spots before they more not

3 Locations Ideal For Cushioned Pet Mats

Providing your pet some comfort goes a long way in allowing the animal to relax or when suffering from physical ailments. One way to provide an animal comfort without letting them all over the furniture is through the use of medium flat cushioned mats for pets. The cushioned mats are versatile in the way they provide comfort and can be used in multiple locations. Use