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Tips For Buying Grooming Tables For Your Dog Grooming Shop

If you run a shop that provides dog grooming services for pet owners, or if you have decided that you want to open up this type of business, then you might be in the market to purchase some equipment. In addition to dryers, clippers, shampoo, and other similar items, you will also need to invest in grooming tables. After all, these serve as a great work surface for when you're performing grooming services. If you're ready to buy grooming tables, consider these tips.

Look for Grooming Tables With Electric Lifts

Many grooming tables do not have a lift on them. This means that the groomer or assistant will have to lift the dog off of the ground to put it on the table. This can be hard to do with big, heavy dogs. You or the people who are working in your grooming shop might struggle to lift bigger dogs and might even injure yourselves. There's an increased risk that you could drop a dog if you lift them on your own, too, so this could put the dog at risk as well. If you use grooming tables with electric lifts, however, you can allow the lift to do the heavy lifting for you. Plus, even smaller dogs might be more comfortable and less frightened if they are lifted onto the table in this manner rather than being lifted manually.

Make Sure They're Big and Strong Enough for Bigger Dogs

You'll probably end up providing grooming services for bigger dogs, and in addition to choosing tables with electric lifts, there are other things you should do to be sure that the tables can accommodate bigger dogs. For example, you should check the weight limits for different tables and choose one that is strong enough to hold even the biggest of dogs. Additionally, you'll want to be sure that the platforms are large enough to comfortably and safely accommodate larger dogs, as well as any grooming tools that you will need to have on the table while you're working.

Purchase Multiple Grooming Tables

Right now, you might still be drumming up business, so you might not need multiple grooming tables. However, as your business grows, you might hire additional groomers to work for your shop. If so, then you might need multiple grooming tables to accommodate all of the dogs, so it's not a bad idea to buy more than one table right now. Many of them fold up and can be easily stored until they're needed.

To learn more, contact a company that supplies grooming electric lift tables