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4 Ways The Superman Rhodactis Mushroom Coral Can Benefit An Aquarium

An aquarium is a lovely focal point in any home and also provides a significant calming effect that studies have shown can actually lower people's blood pressure and heart rates. Aquariums provide the best habitat for fish when they are filled with aquatic plants and corals in order to oxygenate the water and provide adequate habitat for the fish. One popular aquarium coral is the superman rhodactis mushroom coral, a lovely natural coral that gets its name from its ruby-red on blue colors in similar hues to the Superman logo. Here are four ways this coral can benefit an aquarium.  

Fish Habitat

The number one benefit that a mushroom coral like the superman rhodactis coral provides in an aquarium is habitat. It creates a place for your fish to hide and that's important for keeping the fish calm and happy. This particular coral can grow to a moderate size in a tank providing plenty of hiding habitat.  


Although plants and corals are great for aquariums, they are sometimes finicky without the right aquatic environment at all times. Mushroom corals, however, are very resilient and can withstand some variations in water alkalinity and temperature for a short period. This is because the mushroom coral has a soft exoskeleton rather than a calcified exoskeleton like other types of coral. As long as the mushroom coral receives adequate lighting it should thrive and that makes it a great choice for stocking an aquarium for the first time.  

Easy to Care For

Not only is the superman rhodactis mushroom resilient, but it's also easy to care for as well. It only requires moderate lighting and moderate water flow in order to thrive in a tank environment. Additionally, the coral survives on free-floating bacteria in the water so it will get most of the nutrients it needs from the water, requiring very little care or feeding. One of the most important aspects of its care is lighting. Too much lighting and this free-floating coral may move away from the light source and even become bleached in appearance, losing some of its vibrancy. Too little lighting and it can also lose color as well as change to a funnel shape in order to maximize its access to the light. When the lighting is perfect, it will show its most vibrant colors and will open up and lie flat.  

Vibrant Colors

As long as the superman rhodactis mushroom coral gets the right amount of lighting, as mentioned, its colors are vibrant and exciting and will stand out in any aquarium as a real focal point. This particular coral is one of the most striking with deep ruby red to orange hues on the outer layer and brilliant azure blue in the background.

If you want more information about aquarium superman rhodactis mushroom corals, contact a supplier.