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4 Horse Supplements For Breeders

In order to breed horses, you have to love your work. Horse breeding can be a difficult task. You must look after the health of your breeding stock and care for pregnant mares as they gestate. A healthy diet is especially important for breeding horses. Luckily, equine supplements can give horses the vitamins and minerals they need to achieve optimal health. Here are four horse supplements that can help breeders ensure a successful foaling season:

1. Vitamin D

Like humans, horses need vitamin D in order to thrive. Vitamin D can be obtained through sun exposure, which stimulates the production of vitamin D in your horse's body. However, horses may become vitamin D deficient during winter or in climates with insufficient sunlight. You can ensure your horse has enough vitamin D by giving them an equine supplement. Adequate amounts of vitamin D will ensure that horses are able to effectively absorb calcium, which is necessary for strong and healthy bones.

2. Vitamin A

Horses need vitamin A to support good eyesight and musculoskeletal health. Horses with a sufficient amount of vitamin A in their bodies are also more likely to breed successfully. In the wild, horses can access vitamin A by eating fresh grass. If your horse doesn't have grazing opportunities, you'll need to supplement vitamin A in their feed. An equine supplement can ensure that your horse has enough of this vitamin for good health and successful breeding.

3. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are commonly found in fish. These fatty acids can promote good brain health. They can also encourage male horses to produce high-quality sperm, which is important for stallions. Breeders can ensure productive breeding sessions by including omega-3 fatty acid supplements in their male horses' feed in the weeks leading up to breeding.

4. Raspberry Leaf

Raspberry leaf supplements are excellent for pregnant mares. Raspberry leaf supplements can strengthen the uterus, which can make labor easier for mares. In large doses, raspberry leaf supplements can encourage labor, which is useful when a mare's pregnancy has continued for longer than usual. Raspberry leaf supplements can be liquid or powdered for easy dispensation.

These equine supplements will help breeders protect their horses' health. Healthy horses can have strong, healthy foals. Breeders should administer horse supplements according to their horses' weights and their veterinarian's instructions. Equine supplements will work best when given to horses along with a healthy diet.

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