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Why Your Dog Shouldn't Sleep in Your Bed

When you buy a dog, you may feel tempted to have it sleep in your bed. This can especially be true if you enjoy cuddling with the animal or if it acts anxious when it's on its own. While many people sleep with their dogs, a better idea is to shop for a dog bed that will suit your dog's size, and then train your dog to sleep in that bed at night. If you have a big dog, you'll want to look at a dealer that sells extra-large dog beds, as this size will be necessary for accommodating your dog's weight and the length of its body. Here are some reasons to buy your pet its own bed, rather than have it sleep with you.

You'll Sleep Better

Sharing your bed with your pet dog can result in poor-quality sleep for you. For example, if the dog were to shake, scratch, or move in the night, this may wake you up. Depending on how good of a sleeper you are, it may be difficult to get back to sleep. A big dog can take up a large amount of space in your bed, and this may cause you to contort your body to accommodate the animal. The result could be that you wake up sore from having your body in an awkward position overnight. When you buy your dog its own bed, you'll feel relieved that the pet won't disrupt your sleep.

Your Bed Will Be Cleaner

Having a dog sleep in your bed can pose cleanliness issues. A dog that rolls around in the dirt during the day will bring dirt into your bed, which can be unpleasant. In more severe cases, a dog that isn't house trained may urinate or even defecate in your bed. If your dog is out in the rain before bedtime, it will cause your bedding to be wet. None of these scenarios are appealing, even for people who really love their dogs. Your bed will stay cleaner when your dog isn't sharing it with you — and you can easily remove the dog bed's cover when needed and wash it.

You Won't Deal With Territorial Issues

Some dogs can become territorial, which can be a problem for owners. If you have your dog in your bed with you, there's a chance that it will begin to view the bed as its own property. This might cause the animal to become aggressive toward you or your children. For example, if your child were to climb into bed, the dog may act in a territorial manner toward the child. Find a retailer that specializes in extra-large dog beds and shop for a product for your pet.