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Is CBD Right for Your Pet?

CBD products, which are derived from the marijuana plant, may be able to assist your pet in feeling more comfortable and less anxious. When you get pet supplements that are containing hemp or CBD oil, know that what you are not getting are supplements that are psychoactive or that have mood-altering THC in them. Hemp products are derived from the same plant but are different in the way they are used in the body.

If you want to help your pet with anxiety or pain, then getting a GMO free hemp pet supplement can be helpful for them. While your pet may take some adjustments to any type of medication, alternative or otherwise, you may find that your pet benefits from this natural aid. Before doing any type of intervention with natural health products, consult with your veterinarian and a pet store specialist.

Is CBD right for your pets? Use this guide to assist you.

1. Your pet is regularly visiting the vet

You could incorporate GMO-free hemp pet supplements into your pet's life if your pet regularly visits the veterinarian and is in overall good health or at least monitored health. CBD products and hemp pet supplements are not intended to replace the health needs of your pet.

2. Your pet is not on a lot of other medication

Your pet should not be on a lot of medication if they are going to be taking CBD pet supplements. On that same thread, your pet should not be given CBD supplements in place of other health requirements and should only be given GMO-free hemp pet supplements if they are given the OK to do so by a veterinarian or animal health specialist. There may be some medications that your pet cannot take safely with hemp or CBD or vice versa, so you want to make sure your pet is in the best of health by getting professional medical assistance before having your pet take any alternative health medication.

3. Your pet can be closely monitored during administration

Your pet may take some time to get used to taking a CBD supplement as part of their normal health needs. If you can closely monitor your pet's health and behavior while they are taking this type of supplement—as you would with any type of medication or health addition to your pet's life—then you may have success with this supplement.

For more information, contact services that provide GMO-free hemp pet supplements.