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Why Your Dog Should Be In A Carrier During Car Travel

When you need to take your dog somewhere, such as to the vet or the dog park, how do you secure them in the vehicle? Many people just leave their dogs loose with no means of security. While this is definitely the easiest route and many dogs will sit quietly on the seat throughout the ride, you really should not be leaving your dog loose in the car. Putting him or her in a carrier, such as a wicker basket carrier, is a much better option. Here's why.

1. A carrier will help protect your dog in case of a crash.

Of course, you never plan on getting in a car accident, but these things do happen, and you need to plan for the worst. Just like you wear your seat belt every time, your dog needs to be in a crate every time to ensure he or she is protected in case of an accident. Without a carrier, your dog could fly across the car, hitting a surface so hard they fracture a bone, or worse. They could also be flung from the vehicle, leading to cuts and traumatic damage. A carrier will keep them from hitting too hard or being flung from the car.

2. A carrier ensures your dog does not escape after a crash.

Even if your dog were to be okay after a car accident, there are many cases of dogs running away after a crash, never to be found again. You don't want to lose your beloved fur baby! Keeping them in a carrier ensures they won't disappear or run off while you are incapacitated.

3. A carrier keeps your dog from distracting you.

Even if your dog usually sits quietly, they may sometimes climb from one seat to another, try to get you to pet them, or otherwise distract you. This is not safe — you need to have your eyes on the road while you are behind the wheel. When your dog is in a carrier, they are secured and unable to bother you. This makes for a safer driving situation for both you and your canine companion.

If you have been driving with your dog loose up until this point, it is time to make a change. Look for a dog carrier made from wicker or another semi-soft material, and get in the habit of putting your dog inside for each and every car ride. Contact a supplier of wicker basket travel pet carriers for more information.