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4 Ways To Keep Your Dog From Getting Lost

Your dog is a beloved member of your family, and you want to do your best to take care of them. Losing a dog can be an owner's worst nightmare. Here are four tips that will help you keep your dog from getting lost:

1. Watch out for open doors.

Dogs are very curious animals. An interesting sound or scent might tempt them to run through an open door. When you answer the door or check the mail, make sure you close the door behind you. Even if you only expect to be outside for a few minutes, you should still shut the door. An open door is an invitation for your dog to run away. Your dog can't get lost if they stay in the house whenever they're unattended.

2. Keep your dog on a leash.

Whenever your dog is outside, they should be on a leash. Many cities have leash laws that require dogs to be on leashes under penalty of a fine. Even if your city doesn't have a leash law, you should know that leashed dogs are safest. Even the most well-trained dogs might run off after an animal or car and be unable to find their way home.

3. Put a collar on your dog at all times.

Most dogs wear collars when they go for a walk, but not all dogs wear their collars at all times. Wearing a collar is safest for your dog because a collar gives you a place to put your contact information. If your dog does escape, someone may eventually catch them. A collar with your phone number on it will allow the person who rescues your dog to get in contact with you. Constantly wearing a collar will help you retrieve your dog faster if they escape, so they won't be lost indefinitely.

4. Invest in a GPS dog tracking system.

If your dog is skittish and nervous around strangers, it's more unlikely that someone will catch them in the event of an escape. In these situations, a dog collar with a built-in GPS dog tracking system can be exactly what you need. The collars are water-resistant, so they won't malfunction even if your dog gets caught out in the rain. They're rechargeable and have a long-lasting battery life that will keep the collar active until you retrieve your pet. GPS dog tracking systems are compatible with an app that you can download to your phone.

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